Originally released in 2016 by Klopotec and ZARŠ on CD, Širom’s first album I. saw the light again on a double gatefold vinyl, including two unreleased magical tracks from the same record session, out by Italian label Torto Editions.

The metaphysic and the “out of time” stream of (alt)counsciousness gets richer and even wider vibrations on this new vinyl edition. The new tracklist developed on four sides helps to give the record a spacier, deeper and detailed texture.

Brand new mastering by Udi Koomran.

Side A: – A Passage of Light on Return 15:31
Side B: – Trilogy 17:44
Side C: – The Lonesome Has to Scent 05:32
– Roar´s Soft Steps 07:27
– Tomorrow, Every Day is a New Day 02:12
Side D (previously unreleased):
– A question flung across bridges is almost like a bang 11:49
– I´m the ostrich you keep seeing in a neighbouring hollow 02:59

Iztok Koren – banjo, bass drum, chimes, percussion, balafon
Ana Kravanja – voice, violin, viola, ribab, kalimba, bendir, percussion, balafon
Samo Kutin – ukulele, kalimba, selfmade harps and steel drum, percussion, balafon, voice

Painting: Marko Jakše
Photo: Nada Žgank
Translation: Gregor Zamuda
Recording, mixing: Iztok Zupan,
Except for »I´m the ostrich you keep seeing in a neighbouring hollow« by Aldo Ivančič
Recorded in: Posavec, Slovenia, 2015
Mastered: Udi Koomran, »La Pergola«, Tel-Aviv, 2020
Produced and released by Torto Editions, Genoa, Italy, December 2020